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Optional Hebrew Line on Top of Greeting
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*Customized Hebrew line on top of Greeting is an extra charge of $25.00. *For a customized Hebrew Line wording use the instruction box below (Kindly Scroll Down).
*FREE - check one of the two below (Kindly Scroll Down).
(Hebrew Line will be printed in the font shown.)
**Note: If you select sentiment as shown and there's an existing Hebrew line verse in the sentiment, the optional or customized Hebrew Line will be added on top of greeting.
*Optional or Customized Hebrew Line is Not available for the following:
"Silver Edged Elegance" or
"Classic Gold Formal"

**For Chase/Jansson Cards, please select #1-5 for the FREE Hebrew Line:
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**Proof is required for all custom sentiments.
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Ink Color Your card and envelope flaps (if applicable) will be printed in the color ink as stated in the description of the card on this website.
Envelope Linings
(Extra Charge)
(already included as indicated in card description for
& Gold Border Classic)
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