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Steps for Ring Size Measuring

*View our Ring Size Measuring Steps & Chart below (Kindly Scroll Down).
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Finding Your Ring Size
Determine the best in-home estimate of your finger size.
When you order your rings, you must know your ring size.  If you are not sure of what your size is, we can help you determine the right ring size for you.  Simply email us at

After determining your ring size you are welcome to look at our Rings selection.

For the most accurate fit, please visit our Ring Sizers page. There you will find for sale top of the line professional Ring Sizers. You can also follow the directions below to measure your finger.

In a hurry? Try using a few simple household tools to determine a best estimate at home. What you will need:
The hand of the ring recipient
2) A pair of scissors
3) A strip of paper 1/4 inch wide (can be substituted     for 1/8 wide piece of string) or twisty wire.
4) A pen or thin tipped marker
5) A ruler or tape measure

How To Measure Your Finger without a professional Ring Sizer:

1) First you will need to inspect the hand that will be wearing your new ring. You are looking for the widest part of the finger. This will usually be the knuckle, however, it may be in a number of spots on different hands. You can check this using an old ring.

2) Find a piece of string, measuring tape, twisty wire, or strip of paper no wider than 3/4".

3) Wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger.

4) Use a pen to mark the point on the string, paper, etc... where it overlaps, forming a complete circle. (See image below (Kindly Scroll Down).)

5) With a ruler, carefully measure the length from the starting end of the string, paper, etc... to the pen mark. Measure from the end of your paper/string to the mark you made. **Taking a strip of paper about 0.4" (10mm) wide, string, etc... and wrapping it around your finger where your ring would go, and marking where the end overlaps, will give a good approximation of your ring size. Make sure you pull it off and put it on a couple of times, so you'll know that it fits over your knuckle.
(*If you are using a tape measure to measure inside a band or a ring, do as follows:
Starting at 0, measure the distance of across from the inside edges of the band. Find the matching ring size for your mark.)

6) Use this measurement and the chart above to the right to determine your ring size.

For a more accurate method of measuring ring size, visit our Ring Sizers page. There you will find for sale top of the line professional Ring Sizers.

Ring sizing and finger measuring.

There are more than one "standard" for measuring a ring size. The US has an arbitrary numbering system that appears unrelated to any physical dimension of the finger or ring, but it is widely accepted here.

Tips for Measuring a Ring Size:

Here are some tips to make your ring size measurement more accurate:

After sliding the ring sizer on, make sure it slides off easily over the knuckle.
Don't measure cold fingers, as this is when fingers are their smallest, and then your ring might not fit you in the summertime.

For the most accurate reading, measure the finger at the end of the day when the finger is the largest. When buying a ring, you apply the same commonsense rules that you apply when you buy a pair of shoes.  The best time to buy shoes is at the end of the day when your feet are a bit swollen, otherwise, the shoes might be a little snug. 

**Remember: Knowing that you're a size 6 or 7 according to a ring sizer is not enough.  *A wide ring should be ordered in a slightly larger size because it covers more of your finger.  Also, keep in mind that knuckles have a tendency to become enlarged over the years.  You want a ring that's comfortable to wear, but that can be taken off without too much difficulty.

If you're buying the ring as a surprise:

Ask your partner's mother or one of her friends if they know her finger size.

Borrow one of your partners rings and slide it down a tapered candle. Then measure according to the Ring Sizer you purchased, or using the chart above.

After determining your ring size you are welcome to look at our Rings selection.

Ring Size
Measurement Chart
Ring Size      Measured Size
(USA) (mm)              (inches)
  3 44.1                  1.70 in.
  3.5 45.4                  1.75 in.
  4 46.7                  1.81 in.
  4.5 48.0                  1.88 in.
  5 49.2                  1.94 in.
  5.5 50.5                  2.00 in.
  6 51.8                  2.06 in.
  6.5 53.1                  2.13 in.
  7 54.3                  2.19 in.
  7.5 55.6                  2.25 in.
  8 56.9                  2.31 in.
  8.5 58.2                  2.38 in.
  9 59.4                  2.44 in.
  9.5 60.7                  2.50 in.
  10 62.0                  2.56 in.
  10.5 63.3                  2.63 in.
  11 64.5                  2.69 in.
  11.5 65.8                  2.75 in.
  12 67.1                  2.82 in.
  12.5 68.3                  2.88 in.
  13 69.6                  2.95 in.
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*Prices subject to change without notice and depend on the flactuating prices of the gold and silver markets. Plese check current gold/silver pricing prior to placing your order.
*Pictures may not reflect true colors. Not shown in actual size.
(grams) & sizes (mm) shown on this website are approximate .
*The actual weight/size of individual pieces may vary slightly.

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